The History Of Witches

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The ‘Witch’ has been portrayed in a plethora of forms throughout the cause of history. Sometimes, she’s riding a broom, sometimes she’s cooking something up in a faraway cottage deep down the woods or you may come across one preying on culprits on your way to somewhere.

However, the real ‘Witch’ isn’t deadlier than what you have known so far. So prepare yourself to hear something ultra-shocking.

The origin…

In the earliest memory of witches, they were mostly women, who were practicing the art of witchcraft. They could summon spirits and get their work done. 

It’s not officially declared that when witches came into this world and so on. The earliest mention of a witch comes in the bible which was written around 931 B.C and 721 B.C.

The story speaks of a King Saul who seeks help from a witch to summon the dead prophet of Samuel. The witch succeeded in summoning the dead but the consequences weren’t great.

‘Malleus Maleficarum’ – the hammer of witches…

Throughout history, there have been stories about the execution of witches. They were taken into custody, tortured for a confession, and killed. Mostly widowed or unmarried old/middle-aged women were the targets of being accused as witches. 

Between the years 1500 to 1600, there have been tremendous amounts of witch hunts in Europe and Germany is recorded as the biggest number of witch hunts carried out so far.

This was mainly due to the book ‘Malleus Maleficarum’ which was written by 2 renowned German Dominicans in the year 1486. The book was more like a handbook on how to trace, capture, and kill witches. For more than 100 years the book was a best-seller around Europe and Protestants and Catholics did their very best to remove witches from their society.

The new-world and witch trials…

As the witch pandemic was ending in Europe, it was caught up by other countries around the world. The wars between countries like France and Britain and then the betrayals within Native American tribes were all considered as the work of witches.

The witch trials began when two small girls age 9 and 11 were attacked by a set of fits which was later revealed to be a reaction of a fungus inside the body. The symptoms were caught by many women and 3 women were accused of practicing witchcraft thus making other young women be their victims.

The 3 women were slaves of one of the little girl’s father. Later one of the 3 women confessed about practicing black magic sending chills around people.

However, a woman named ‘Bridge Bishop’ is considered as the 1st proven witch to be hanged in history. The event of witch killing became popular as ‘Salem Witch Trails’. It’s recorded that more than 150 were accused and around 18 – 20 people were hanged through trials. 

Women weren’t the victims all the time, there have been around 6 – 7 men who were accused of practicing witchcraft as well.

What’s the truth behind witches?

‘Grace Sherwood’ of Virginia was a woman who was accused of being a witch. She was put on trial and proven guilty.

During the trial, her arms and legs were tied and put into water. If she floated she would found guilty and if she sank she would be proven innocent. However, she didn’t’ sink so she was put in prison for 8 long years but not killed. 

Luckily, over the cause of published articles on witches and witchcraft, new laws were passed and people who were accused of being witches were officially offered help. 

Book of shadows…

Even today in some parts of America and Canada, you can find people practicing witchcraft. They don’t intend to harm anyone but follow their ancestral path. Most of their spells are from a book called, ‘Book of shadows’. 

In today’s world witchcraft is used as part of herbal medicine and healing. So yes, witches are real and witchcraft can be put to good use. 

Most of the spells are used to stop evil from this world. Shockingly, witches are saving us all with their inherited powers. 

Nevertheless, people are killed in certain parts of the world still for being witches. This won’t stop and there’s no stop to this as well. As people have different opinions when it comes to judging the powers they behold.

In my opinion, the powerless fear powerful witches. And this fear is causing a beautiful part of our society to go into extinct.

The ‘Witch’ has been a misunderstood profession. They’re a kind of wise women/men or soul healers who have been labeled as dangerous for no reason. 

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