Las Vegas, Here I Come!

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Las Vegas is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It’s also the 28th most popular city in the United States and the most populated city in the state of Nevada. People are so attracted to this city that they do a lot of research and planning before they start their journey. The excitement you get when you think of the city is simply ineffable. 

So here are the basic things you should know before stepping into the city of your funky dreams!

The Pros

1. Top-notch fancy food

Las Vegas has the best food in the world! I know this statement is a wee bit unrealistic but the truth is you can find anything you’re craving for in Las Vegas. 

2. Themed accommodations

The hotels in Vegas are very very interesting. You can simply stay at Caesars Palace or in the middle of the Venetian City. The choice is yours. The hotels are all that you imagine and it’ll be like a dream come true. Plus there’s something to suit your budget, so don’t stress about accommodation expenditure. 

3. 27/7 Entertainment 

The finest entertainers in the business are always performing in Vegas. You can find Cirque Du Soleil, David Copperfield, or Jerry Seinfeld in the city most of the time. And like I said, you wake up anytime, walk out of your hotel, and find any entertainment you want. It’s right there, right at that time. No ‘We’re closed’ signs in Vegas. So cheers to that.

4. Get liquored up high

You can literally find anything in this city. Any type of liquor is available. I would say the city is fully stocked up when it comes to alcohol. And if you sit down in the casino you can drink as much as you want though I wouldn’t recommend that if you’re going to gamble high!

5. Shopping? Oh yes!

Ok so if you’re traveling shopping is a must! And you can find any brand you desire in Vegas. Branded shopping is costly but if you love brands you must be knowing it by now. Shop all you want and don’t worry the city is covered in that area too. ‘Check!’.

The Cons

6. The weather

The weather in Vegas is either hot or cold. There’s actually no in between so you can imagine how it’s going to be outside if you’re planning to walk down the street. I would say travel when your preferable choice of weather is there. 

7. Travelling isn’t easy

The city is always crowded with dozens and dozens of people. So you can imagine the amount of traffic it would cause. Very time consuming and sometimes you just have to pay $20 to cross a block! Always check with your hotel staff before traveling outdoors. They can guide you to avoid any inconvenience.  

8. Not the best place for non-smokers

Like I said before, you can be liquored up as you desire. But if you aren’t a smoker you might not enjoy Vegas a lot. The city if full of smoke! When I say this literally what I mean is that you can’t seek shelter from smokers and the uncomfortable experience of the smoke coming out from them. So beware of this. 

9. Time?

The casinos in Vegas are mostly windowless. And, shockingly no clocks to be found. So the chances are you might not only lose money but your time as well! So be prepared for this or you can simply remedy the situation and travel to Vegas!

Enjoy your dream vacation in Vegas and I hope this helps! Adios!!

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